We are easy to find. Click on the small map to the right to go to yahoo maps, where you can get driving directions, etc.

The seasonal beauty and geological history of our hiking trails is fascinating: spring and summer wild flowers, the changing of colors in the fall and a wide variety of mushrooms in the winter are abundant in our canyon. As you are hiking you can see the remnants of the eruption of Mt. St. Helena several million years ago with petrified wood scattered throughout the canyon. Redwoods abound and you can even visit our old growth ‘Grandmother’ tree some 30 feet around, 1,000+ years old.
The signs of wildlife are also fascinating; from mountain lion and bear paw prints in the creek bed and their scratch marks on the trees to more common sightings of the raccoon, coyote and fox.
Bird life is also abundant for the bird enthusiast. Be prepared to be serenaded by a multitude of song birds or watch the hawks soar. We also have been blessed with the nesting of sharp-shinned hawks and have enjoyed the last ten seasons watching their fledglings learn how to fly.

In cool weather, relax by the fire in our main dining room and enjoy a fireside chat with your friends and family. You will find no distracting televisions here. Pull out a board game or puzzle and get back to a slower easier way of life. We also have an extensive library of old and new books for your enjoyment.
Throughout the year, our 340 acres of hiking trails are a great way to get away from it all. Even when the Ranch is full you can hike for hours and not run into anyone.
The Our 11 acre foot lake (about a quarter mile long) is a great place to watch the visiting ducks, watch the fish jump, or catch an occasional glimpse of a turtle. Also great for swimming!
If the lake is too rustic for you we have two swimming pools for lounging by. For those of you feeling a little more competitive, you can challenge someone to tennis, volleyball, ping-pong, pool or shoot a couple of hoops.


While you are in the area you may wish to see some of the sights around the Sonoma and Napa Valleys. World renowned wineries and restaurants abound; Old Faithful Geyser and the Petrified Forest are fascinating geological sights; Bale Grist Mill is one of the states oldest operating mills and after watching it in operation you can take home some of the freshly ground flour; Safari West is a wild animal reserve guaranteed to excite any animal enthusiast; or see the local state park by horseback with The Triple Creek Horse Outfitters, or tour the country side by bicycle www.calistogabikeshop.com or www.getawayadventures.com.
So much to do — come up and stay a while!